A NEW Enrichment Experience Continues begins for 2020/2021 School Year...

Palencia Elementary School Students

We enjoyed teaching the students martial arts at Palencia Elementary School, and realized that there was more we could do for the community, so beginning this year (2020/2021 school year) we will begin making our Martial Advantage Program available to families of local schools. We will pickup students from area schools and provide martial arts and lifeskill development activities to students once the school day is over.

Martial Advantage Program (MAP) After School Enrichment
at Ponte Vedra Martial Arts Academy

While training at PES has been fun and rewarding, the restrictions we faced did not allow us to provide the very best training to the students. That is the life of after school enrichment that is delivered at public schools. We knew this going in and did the best we could under the circumstances, but we wanted to do more. That meant that we needed to provide transportation to our academy for afternoons of training and life-skill development.

After school programs in the area have not been able to keep up with community growth, so this program is designed to help with that.

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We are helping students MAP their success in the future

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